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Язык: Русский
Возраст: 32
Страна: Российская Федерация
Город: Moscú
Репутация: 1650
Hi, my name is Sergey and I am a poker player. I love travelling a lot and learning about different cultures. I am in love with spanish and latin american cultures after my first and the only visit to Dominican Republic =) So i decided to start learning español recently. I'm doing my first steps in the Institute Cervantes in Moscow. This year I am about to move to Lima, Peru for a long living will learn language over there in a language school. So I would like to find an interesting, pretty and communicable girl who is fond of russian language and culture. We could help each other in our quest to explore the foreign culture and language =) Can't say much in spanish right now, I am very sorry =) Feel free to contact me via facebook or vk. facebook.com/sergey.utenkov vk.com/sergey_utenkov ¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? Me llamo Sergey y yo soy jugador de poker =) Soy ruso de Bielorrusia pero vivo en Moscú. Yo estudianto castellano en el Instituto Cervantes de Moscú. Hablo y entiendo español un poco pero yo voy a aprender mucho =)

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